Google’s Government Influence Nixed Competition for Winner-Take All Results

Facts are stubborn things. Know what one finds when one puts the evidence of Google’s many antitrust, IP, and privacy offenses into one telling timeline of what Google did from 2008-2017? One sees a tale of two terms. Commendably, the evidence shows...[Read more]

Winner-Take-All Financial Results of “Google Laxter-Antitrust”

Winner-Take-All Financial Results of “Google Laxter-Antitrust”...[Read more]

Telling Timeline of Google Guardian’s Government Influence

Telling Timeline of Google Guardian’s Government Influence...[Read more]

The Trump DOJ “Slam Dunk” Antitrust Case Against Alphabet-Google

What’s quintessential illegal monopoly behavior? A dominant company that is proactively, consistently, and purposefully focused on eliminating most of its business competition, not just competing on the merits, but also via illegal collusion, predation, anti-competitive acquisition, and obstruction of justice....[Read more]

The Google-Facebook Online Ad Cartel is the Biggest Competition Problem

By far the biggest competition problem facing U.S. antitrust and regulatory authorities is the Goobook Ad Cartel, the unaccountable dominant chokepoint for monetizing most online news, content, products and services. The evidence is compelling that Google and Facebook have colluded...[Read more]

How Google Is Anti-employment Anti-property & Pro-regulation

Google’s unprecedented Obama Administration influence and its self-serving anti-employment, anti-property, and pro-regulatory policy agenda, are on a collision course with the job-creating, pro-property, deregulatory Trump Administration growth agenda. Keep watch to see who adapts to whom and how. I. Google’s...[Read more]

Top 5 Worst Antitrust Enforcement Decisions in the 21st Century

>Google is in the process of submitting its defenses to the EU antitrust charges that Google abuses its >90% dominance in search, mobile, and advertising. At the same time a new U.S. Administration soon will take a fresh look at...[Read more]

Google Fiber Pivots to Be Wireless ISP & FCC Spectrum Access Administrator

Don’t miss Google’s enduring big wireless ISP ambitions in the midst of all the noise and confusion about the future of Google Fiber. And also don’t miss Google’s grand ambitions to organize and dominate America’s spectrum-related information via its certification...[Read more]

Why Google Fiber is Dead Business Model Walking

Google deserves credit for trying something very difficult, and putting some big money where their mouth was. That said Google Fiber looks like dead business model walking. Consider what happened this past summer. June 22, 2016, it was announced that...[Read more]

FCC’s STB “Unlock-the-Box” Is a Trojan Horse to Unlock Copyright Licensing

When a PR tactic masquerades as principle or sound policy a mess inevitably ensues. Google and Public Knowledge, the two leading corporate and interest group entities respectively that are opposed to copyright in America, plotted that they could disguise their...[Read more]