“Internet Explorer is tied to Microsoft’s dominant computer operating system, giving it an unfair advantage over other browsers. Compare this to the mobile market, where Microsoft cannot tie Internet Explorer to a dominant operating system, and its browser therefore has a much lower usage.” Sundar Pichai argued on Google’s blog In 2009, before he became Google CEO. Per Politico Europe, 2-24-16;

"In the great Internet land grab, they [Google] won," said Rob Enderle, of the Enderle Group, per the Washington Post, 2-1-16,

“We have only scratched the surface of truly being there for our users, anytime, anywhere, across all devices,” said Sundar Pichai, Google CEO on the 4Q15 earnings call, 2-1-16, per the WSJ,

“Above all, our Q4 results show the great momentum and opportunity we have in mobile search and across Google’s range of businesses,” said Sundar Pichai, Google CEO on the 4Q15 earnings call, 2-1-16, per the NYT,

“It is completely wrong to suggest that [Nicklas Lundblad, Google senior director for public policy] in any way misled the committee.” said Al Verney, Google’s head of corporate communications for Europe, in response of charges from UK MPs that Google lied in negotiating its tax avoidance settlement, per Politico Europe, 1-28-16

“Even before he came to Stanford he was interested in cool technical things that could be done,” “What makes something interesting for him is a big technical challenge. It’s not so much where it’s headed but what the ride is like.” Per Alphabet CEO Larry Page’s Stanford PHD advisor, Terry Winograd, about what interested Page, per per NYT, 1-22-16;

“Sergey and I are seriously in the business of starting new things.” Alphabet CEO, Larry Page, in an investor letter per NYT, 1-22-16;

“Asking Google users if they trust Google, he said, "is like asking cows if they trust McDonald's."" Adweek asking author and security technologist Bruce Schneier per Adweek 1-21-16;

“Look at the extraordinary magnitude of commerciality here,” the Oracle attorney, Annette Hurst, told a federal magistrate judge as she discussed Android revenue and profit, which have never been publicly disclosed. Per Bloomberg 1-21-16

“Our deep learning tool has now been deployed in many environments, particularly across Google," said DeepMind cofounder Mustafa Suleyman at a machine learning conference in London last year, citing Google+ and Image Search as examples.” Per Business Insider, 1-13-16,