"The core thing Google is working on is basically machine learning,” said Google Chairman Eric Schmidt, per Business Insider 4-22-15;

Drone delivery “would help move us from an ownership society to an access society. We would have more of a community feel to the things in our lives,”said Astro Teller, Director of Google X Lab per The Atlantic, August 28, 2014

“[Google] is a de facto monopoly” [in Europe]… when asked by Bloomberg TV what she wants from Google, EC DGComp VP Margrethe Vestager said: “ treat equal things equally, not give preferential treatment to one of their own services, if that be proven, let others share their innovative products, what they can offer to customers on an equal basis.” Per Bloomberg TV 4-20-15

“This, as we see it, is a pretty straightforward case of consumer domination.” EU DGComp, VP Margrethe Vestager on her Statement of Objections that Google is dominant and abusing its dominance by favoring its own content over competitors content per Re-code, 4-20-15

"We have some really great visibility into the Web, as you can imagine," said Gerhard Eschelbeck, Google’s Director of Security, per the Daily Mail, 4-17-15

“Google cofounder Sergey Brin used to delight in publicly attacking his company’s nemesis, Microsoft, by calling it a “convicted monopolist.”” Fortune, 4-16-15;

Google’s Code of conduct starts by saying: “Don’t be evil.” Googlers generally apply those words to how we serve our users. But “Don’t be evil” is much more than that. Yes, it’s about providing our users unbiased access to information…”

GOOGLE'S SCHMIDT PRESSES FOR FREE INFORMATION FLOWS: Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt expressed frustration Tuesday with censorship that hurts its overseas operations and offered some candid advice to foreign governments that pursue such actions. "At the end of the day we try to satisfy consumers," "And we say [to foreign governments], 'Look, if you want to be a modern country, you've got to be open to Google, Facebook, Yahoo, so on and so on, Twitter.’" "Yes, it's pesky giving information to your political opponents and so forth. But it's a better country if it's more transparent," "Europe just passed a law called 'the right to be forgotten,' which allows you to have your content in Google be deleted, but not deleted from the newspapers that wrote it. That doesn't make any sense to us. Nevertheless that's the law," Google Chairman Eric Schmidt said in remarks at the Commerce Department's SelectUSA Investment Summit; per Politico Morning Trade 3-25-15

“We have benefited from government essentially staying out of the Internet,” “I am worried that we are now on a path where we are starting to regulate an awful lot of things on the Internet. . . . I am generally in favor of less regulation no matter what on the Internet.” “I have a strong opinion that the best way to have net neutrality is competition.” Said Google Chairman Eric Schmidt, about FCC reclassification of the Internet as a Title II utility telephone service at AEI, per WSJ 3-23-15

"I need you to draw me a contract," "Don't spend a lot of time on it. Draft it and send it to me and David so we can review your work." "I need the contract to be for me to sell my soul to the devil." Said Sergey Brin, Co-Founder of Google, to an applicant applying for a legal job at Google in 2002, Alissa Lee who got the job and worked at Google for seven years, per Ken Auleta’s Book: “Googled: the End of The World as we Know It,” reported by Business Insider; 3-22-15