“But many things of consequence are hard, they take a lot of time, they take a lot of resources and very smart people, and Google has turned out to be a place where such people gather.” Google Chairman Eric Schmidt to the LA Times, 10-23-14

“We view ourselves as an indexer and a pointer to those sources, we don’t create content, so we’re fairly clear where we are in that process,” Google Chairman Eric Schmidt explaining Google’s role in implementing Europe’s Right to Be Forgotten, per Techcrunch 10-22-14

"The evolution of Google is to go from you asking Google what to search for, to Google helping you anticipate, to make you smarter," "You let Google know things, Google will help you. Will you use it? Absolutely, because it will be cheap or free." Google Chairman Eric Schmidt, per CNN 10-16-14

“The FTC is a toothless tiger. The search engines don’t fear it. They do whatever they want.” Danny Sullivan, Editor of Search Engine Land per the WSJ 10-14-14

“Has Google ever done that—in a market, exclude one competitor from an end user service? I think the answer is no.” Google Chairman Eric Schmidt in an interview with Steven Levy per 9to5 Google, 10-10-14

“We’re not actually focused on the advertiser or the other competitors or so forth. We’re focused on the user. Judge us based on that.” Google Chairman Eric Schmidt in an interview with Steven Levy per 9to5 Google, 10-10-14;

“When bitcoin came along I was impressed by the technology and the mathematics … The fact there’s a finite number of bitcoins bothers me a lot, and second their variable value bothers me a lot. So I’m not impressed. I think something rooted in the banking system is a lot safer for consumers.” Google Vice President and Internet Evangelist Vint Cerf on Bitcoin per the Washington Post 10-10-14

“If we had a centralized system, it would be a privacy concern but nobody has the whole picture. Everything is separate, but connected.” Said Taavi Kotka, Estonia’s chief information officer to the NYT, 10-9-14

"The simplest outcome is that we're going to end up breaking the Internet, because what's going to happen is, governments will do bad laws of one kind or another, and they are eventually going to say, 'We want our own Internet in our country because we want it to work our way, right? And we don't want these NSA and other people in it.' the cost of that is huge," "The impact … is severe and getting worse." Google Chairman Eric Schmidt, per National Journal, 10-8-14;

"It's not just the internet companies that have a big upside, but also energy, pharmaceuticals, high-tech manufacturing, advertising, media, entertainment, and consumer electronics," "But even businesses like energy and pharmaceuticals, where product cycle times are long, are ripe for massive transformation and opportunity." Google Chairman Eric Schmidt, in How Google Works per Business Insider, 10-8-14