“The reason we can’t do that is that there are people who are trying to game the system out there… It is constantly a battle to give the user as much information as they want, and for a website to get as much traffic as they can. If the algorithm was open, that battle would be lost.” Google User Interface Exec Ben Gomes, per Business Insider, 7-5-15

“I think people see the disruption but they don’t really see the positive. They don’t see [the advances of Google technology] as a life-changing kind of thing… I think the problem has been people don’t feel they are participating in it” Google CEO Larry Page, per Business Insider, 7-5-15

"Tech moves so fast and Brussels is not even in our top five issues. We have much bigger problems to deal with." Said Google Senior Vice President of Global Marketing, Lorraine Twohill, in dismissing the importance of the European Commission’s (EC) antitrust investigation of the company, per Campaign, 6-24-15

“computers can now see like humans.” Google Chairman Eric Schmidt said at the Founders Forum, 6-18-15 per Techworld;

“Let the computer do the driving, they never get drunk." Google Chairman Eric Schmidt said at the Founders Forum, 6-18-15 per Techworld

“Once computers overtake humans…humans never catch up.” Google Chairman Eric Schmidt said at the Founders Forum, 6-18-15 per Techworld

“The goal that we give them is very simply to maximise score; it gets a 1 or a 0 when the score comes in, just as a human would. Everything is learned completely from scratch - there’s absolutely zero pre-programmed knowledge…” said Google-DeepMind Head Mustafa Suleyman in describing how DeepMind is developing AI, 6-12-15 per TechWorld

“We have 90 points of presence around the world,” said Dan Powers, a Google Cloud sales executive, [A point of presence, or PoP, is where a company’s computers get direct access to the Internet and a local telecommunications service provider.] per NYT, 6-17-15

“Each of the cloud companies wants to store and process all of a company’s data … Data analysis presents a stickiness — once you’ve put your corporate data in one of them and you’re analyzing it, you won’t move out… You’ll be constantly ingesting new data — how could you afford to move? If they own your data, they own you.” said Sharmila Mulligan, co-founder and chief executive of ClearStory Data, a corporate data analysis company, per NYT, 6-17-15

“Google is the only player in cloud that owns lots of fiber-optic cable worldwide, and it replicates its users’ data in nine different places at all times.” Said Google Cloud Platform customer John Song Senior Director of Engineering at HTC, per NYT, 6-17-15