Stealing from Competitors is “How Google Works”

— Scott Cleland

Google executives’ saccharine best-selling book: “How Google Works,” predictably ignores and whitewashes how Google steals to make its free model work. This piece spotlights the likely “Post-it Child” of Google theft victims and five other theft victims that Google has...[Read more]

Fact-checking Google Schmidt’s “Ich bin ein Big-fibber” Berlin Speech

— Scott Cleland

History should remember Google Chairman Eric Schmidt’s speech in Berlin, “The New Gründergeist,” as the “Ich bin ein Bigfibber” speech, because of his many big fibs about Google’s antitrust and data protection problems in Europe. Claim: “Really, our biggest search...[Read more]

Google Profiting from Hacked Celebrity Women Photos is “How Google Works”

— Scott Cleland

Google executives are on tour selling their new book: “How Google Works,” which actually tells very little about how Google really works when it comes to Google’s effect on people, and the protection of their well-being, property, privacy, safety, and...[Read more]

Top 10 Reasons Why Google is Causing EU More Problems than Microsoft Did

— Scott Cleland

European Commission Vice President for Competition Joaquin Almunia recently warned the European Parliament that “Microsoft was investigated [for] 16 years, which is four times as much as the Google investigation has taken, and there are more problems with Google than...[Read more]

Google’s WorldWideWatch over the WorldWideWeb – New White Paper on Google’s Data Dominance

— Scott Cleland

[Note: Please find “Google’s WorldWideWatch over the WorldWideWeb” White Paper -- here.] The European Commission’s 28-month-old Google search Statement of Objections is out of date and myopic. What’s changed since the May 2012 EC-Google search settlement baseline? Google has extended...[Read more]

Fact-checking Google’s Public EC Competition Defense

— Scott Cleland

Google Chairman Eric Schmidt recently blogged to refute an EU newspaper ad “arguing that Google is too dominant and that we favour our own products.” Mr. Schmidt then said: “I wanted to ensure that people have the facts so they...[Read more]

Why Settlements with Google Fail – Open Letter to New EC Commissioners

— Scott Cleland

Dear European Commission Official, Unfortunately, the EC has learned the hard way. Settlements with Google don’t work. First, Google’s leaders interpret DG-Comp’s publicly-signaled preference for a competition settlement over law enforcement to be a sign of sovereign weakness, and a...[Read more]

Google’s Illusion of Data Protection Security

— Scott Cleland

While a well-positioned façade of a castle can create the illusion of a fully-fortified castle, real people’s data requires more than the illusion of security; it requires real data-protection-security. Google’s outsize ability to create the illusion of data-protection-security is particularly...[Read more]

Google Android Dominates by Cheating Data Protection

— Scott Cleland

Google-Android sacrifices users’ security, privacy and data protection to scale Android fastest so that Google can dominate mobile software and advertising. This charge and analysis is timely and relevant because Reuters is reporting that European Commission competition authorities are “laying...[Read more]

Supreme Court & EU Expose Google’s Massive Privacy Liabilities – Daily Caller Op-ed

— admin

Google has privacy clay feet. The NSA and Big Data may also, since they are relying on many of the same outdated legal assumptions as Google. In the last few months, both the U.S. Supreme Court and European authorities have...[Read more]