The Appearance of Google-USG Conflicts of Interest Grows

— Scott Cleland

Public evidence concerning the amount of special access Google has to the highest reaches of the U.S. Government creates at least the appearance that the U.S. Government’s business may not be “conducted with impartiality and integrity” as required under Federal...[Read more]

FTC-Googlegate Scandal Repercussions in EU & U.S.

— Scott Cleland

Previously unknown facts about the FTC staff’s 2011 Google search bias investigation have the makings of a potential scandal and cover-up with broad repercussions for Google with the European Commission, other countries, the FTC, State AGs and Congress. The WSJ...[Read more]

America’s Title II Protectionism Will Hurt Google & Silicon Valley in EU

— Scott Cleland

Last November, President Obama effectively abandoned America’s longstanding free trade Internet policy established by President Clinton, in favor of a protectionist Internet industrial policy to benefit America’s national champions, Silicon Valley, under the guise of “net neutrality” policy. Flipping U.S....[Read more]

Why is Google Obstructing Justice in Mississippi? EC Pay Attention

— Scott Cleland

Google’s recent bullying and intimidating behavior in Mississippi looks terrible and smells bad. Consider for yourself if Google’s corporate behavior in Mississippi is how innocent people or a responsible corporation act, if they have: a clear conscience, done nothing wrong,...[Read more]

What’s Google Really Up to in Wireless?

— Scott Cleland

News of Google getting into wireless service via an MVNO reseller relationship with Sprint and T-Mobile has many wondering what Google is really up to in wireless. What is Google’s wireless vision? And what are Google’s wireless business, technology and...[Read more]

Deceptive Branding is “How Google Works” – Ask EC Law Enforcement

— Scott Cleland

As EC law enforcement confronts Google’s uniquely extensive wrongdoing in competition, privacy/security, property, and tax matters, it is critical to examine if Google’s longstanding public promises to consumers to gain their trust are in fact true and trustworthy. Central to...[Read more]

Bullying is “How Google Works” – Ask Law Enforcement

— Scott Cleland

Google will bully most any entity or anyone, if it thinks it can get away with it. Google just filed a highly-unusual, and exceptionally-aggressive, lawsuit that asks a Federal Court to issue a restraining order to preemptively shut down a...[Read more]

Google: We Will Track You

— Scott Cleland

Below are my fun and satirical lyrics to: “We Will Track You,” which is a political parody/satire of Google’s essence — sung to the classic tune: “We Will Rock You,” by the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame band, Queen,...[Read more]

Evading Sovereign Accountability is How Google Works

— Scott Cleland

Google is arguing in the UK’s High Court that it is not subject to UK data protection law, in a privacy lawsuit that alleges Google bypassed users’ Safari privacy settings to secretly track their activity. The UK’s Information Commissioner has...[Read more]

Google’s Serial Bad Acts Harm American Interests in Europe

— wp_sysadmin

Google has no shame. Google is throwing stones at Europe while living in a glass house. Summary In response to a non-binding resolution passed by a 384-174 vote by the European Parliament to urge the European Commission to enforce European...[Read more]