Google Android Dominates by Cheating Data Protection

— Scott Cleland

Google-Android sacrifices users’ security, privacy and data protection to scale Android fastest so that Google can dominate mobile software and advertising. This charge and analysis is timely and relevant because Reuters is reporting that European Commission competition authorities are “laying...[Read more]

Supreme Court & EU Expose Google’s Massive Privacy Liabilities – Daily Caller Op-ed

— admin

Google has privacy clay feet. The NSA and Big Data may also, since they are relying on many of the same outdated legal assumptions as Google. In the last few months, both the U.S. Supreme Court and European authorities have...[Read more]

Six Ways the FTC is AWOL on Google

— Scott Cleland

The mounting evidence indicates the FTC is AWOL on Google. Currently there are no less than six important Google enforcement issues that that the FTC should be investigating, but apparently is not. In stark contrast, the EU has many serious...[Read more]

Google’s Right to Be Forgotten Hypocrisy

— Scott Cleland

Google does not practice what it preaches. Google’s hypocrisy is legion in opposing Europe’s “right to be forgotten” court decision, and in implementing it in such a passive-aggressive way. By cynically inflaming media concern over freedom of the press, Google’s...[Read more]

Why Handcuff the Next EC with a Bad Five-Year Google Deal? – An Open Letter to EC Commissioners

— Scott Cleland

Dear European Commission Official, Perversely the proposed EC-Google Settlement would restrict the next EC much more than it would restrict Google. The special Google deal would handcuff EC President-Designate Juncker’s #1 priority “to create a digital single market for consumers...[Read more]

Dropcam Key to Google’s New Ubiquitous Physical Surveillance Network – Part 25 Google Spying Series

— Scott Cleland

Google recently boughtDropcam for $555m, a company which makes inexpensive, easy-to-install, WiFi-video-streaming-cameras that connect to cloud-based networks for convenient monitoring, set-up and retrieval. Please don’t miss this graphic — here — of how the Dropcam acquisition fits into Google’s plans...[Read more]

Google’s Privacy Rap Sheet, Dominance & Duplicity Not to Be Forgotten — Part 41 Google Disrespect for Privacy Series

— Scott Cleland

Please see Google’s new and updated Privacy Rap Sheet here. Google’s uniquely awful privacy record makes it wish Google had its own “right to be forgotten.” And Google clearly wants the EC to forget its digital and data dominance, and...[Read more]

Google Skybox Spy-Satellites — Big Brother Inc. Always Watching — Part 24 Google Spying Series

— Scott Cleland

Who does Google think they are fooling? Google just bought Skybox Imaging for $500m to gain access to its capability to take real-time, high-resolution satellite images/videos of the whole world daily. Last week Google sources told the WSJ that Google...[Read more]

Google’s Title II Utility Regulation Risks – An Open Letter to Investors

— Scott Cleland

Unregulated Google is increasingly pushing for maximal FCC net neutrality and price regulation of its direct broadband competitors, potentially via FCC reclassification of broadband as a Title II telephone utility service. (See here, here, here, here and Google’s 2010 Title...[Read more]

Google AdSense Lawsuit Spotlights the Corruption of Unaccountability — Part 41 Google Unaccountability Series

— Scott Cleland

What people don’t know about the recent class action lawsuit filed against Google AdSense’s alleged embezzlement of earned revenues from shutting down of AdSense accounts, is that this lawsuit does not depend on any of the evidence of the high-profile...[Read more]