Google’s Glass House — My Daily Caller Op-ed

— Scott Cleland

Please read my latest Daily Caller op-ed: “Google’s Glass House.” It shows how Google Glass brings attention to problems Google would rather conceal. It is Part 40 of my Google Disrespect for Privacy series. *** Google’s Disrespect for Privacy Series...[Read more]

Online Video Competition’s Tipping Point Has Tipped – My Daily Caller Op-ed

— Scott Cleland

Please don’t miss my new Daily Caller op-ed: “Online Video Competition’s Tipping Point Has Tipped.” It pulls together how regulatory developments, much faster wireless networks, and several new entrants with deep pockets are converging to create a tipping point for...[Read more]

Diverging US-EU Internet Trade Visions

— Scott Cleland

Please don’t miss my latest Daily Caller op-ed: “Diverging US-EU Internet Trade Visions.” It spotlights that starkly diverging US-EU net neutrality and data protection policies complicate negotiations for the nascent and pending Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (T-TIP) trade agreement....[Read more]

How to Modernize Communications Law for American Consumers

— Scott Cleland

Please don’t miss my new white paper that I will present Friday at a NetCompetition Capitol Hill event with the following well-known experts responding: Gene Kimmelman of Public Knowledge; Jeff Eisenach of the American Enterprise Institute; Mark Cooper of the...[Read more]

The Growing EC-Google Settlement Scandal – An Open Letter to European Commissioners

— Scott Cleland

Dear European Commission Official, The more the European Commission learns about the proposed EC-Google competition settlement, the less sense it makes, and the more scandalous it appears. Never has the European Commission been presented with such a controversial, perverse, and...[Read more]

Net Neutrality’s about Consumer Welfare not Corporate Welfare for Netflix

— admin

Billionaire Netflix CEO Reed Hastings objects to Netflix having to pay anything at all for Netflix’ gorging on 30% of the Internet’s North American bandwidth. In a Netflix corporate blogpost billionaire Reed Hastings rails against the perceived injustice of Netflix...[Read more]

Google’s Widespread Wiretapping Could Have Snowden-esque Repercussions

— Scott Cleland

Summary A shocking new legal fact set recently came together in public as a result of a Gmail wiretapping case, Fread v. Google. Revelations of Google’s secret widespread wiretapping of hundreds of millions of people over the last three years,...[Read more]

Accelerating the De-Americanization of the Internet — My Daily Caller Op-ed

— Scott Cleland

Please don’t miss my latest Daily Caller op-ed: “Accelerating the De-Americanization of the Internet.” It explains the broad implications for the Internet of: America handing over the master key of the Internet to ICANN; and the European Parliament updating privacy...[Read more]

FCC’s Open Internet Order Do-over – Key Going Forward Takeaways

— Scott Cleland

As the dust has settled from the D.C. Circuit’s January 14thdecision to vacate and remand the FCC Open Internet Order for another try, and from FCC Chairman Wheeler’s February 19thstatement accepting the court’s invitation to propose open Internet rules that...[Read more]

Open Letter on Google’s Opposition to Distracted Driving Legislation

— Scott Cleland

To: All State Legislators, State Attorneys General, and State/Local Police Chiefs In Reuter’s article, “Google Sets Roadblocks to Stop Distracted Driver Legislation,” we learn “Google is lobbying officials in at least three U.S. States to stop proposed restrictions on driving...[Read more]