Top Ten Questions about FTC-Google-Android Antitrust Probe

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The U.S. FTC has opened an antitrust probe of Google’s Android mobile operating system per Bloomberg reporting to investigate allegations that Google has anti-competitively limited competitive services on the Google-Android platform and extended its market power by favoring Google services...[Read more]

Google’s Internet Association Hypocritically Begs Digital Protectionism

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The juxtaposition of Google tacitly accusing the EU with “digital protectionism” and “discrimination” as the EU’s Digital Chief, Günther Oettinger, visits D.C. and Silicon Valley, while the Google-created Internet Association this week asks for U.S. protection from ISP “discrimination” in...[Read more]

Google as Global Government

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Google, the Internet’s lone superpower, increasingly governs its borderless virtual geography like a supranational virtual state, with the power to increasingly arbitrage actual nations’ sovereignty. Google’s virtual governance of 2.2 billion (68%) of the world’s 3.2 billion Internet users in...[Read more]

Google Epitomizes Cyber Systemic Risk

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Google’s unprecedented concentration of most all Web information, services, users, publishers, advertisers and developers, in combination with Google’s extensive track record of unethical, illegal, and predatory behavior, makes Google the epitome of cyber systemic risk to many industry ecosystems substantially...[Read more]

What Is Everyone Missing from the Alphabet Google Restructuring?

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There is more to learn from the Alphabet-Google restructuring than Google’s PR narratives. First for those paying close attention, this restructuring and Alphabet branding should spotlight Google’s truly amazing accomplishments to date, and Alphabet-Google’s breathtaking ambitions going forward. At core...[Read more]

Google Fiber’s Corporate-Welfare Vigorish for Running the Game

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Google Fiber’s motto is “Think big with a gig,” as in gigabit fiber broadband speeds. However, if one is open to considering non-Google data, there is substantial evidence that Google Fiber’s de facto motto may be more like “Think vig...[Read more]

The Market’s Ignoring Google’s Many New FCC Common Carrier Liabilities

— Scott Cleland

Summary Google’s market capitalization has approached a half trillion dollars as its stock hit an all time high, because of a positive quarterly profit surprise and because Google’s new CFO signaled that “Google cost discipline” may no longer be an...[Read more]

Google’s Open Defiance?

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Why is the world’s leading crusader for openness and transparency so closed and non-transparent? Why does Google fiercely defend the public’s right to know virtually everything about everyone else, but does not believe the public has any right to know...[Read more]

Google-Facebook-Apple’s Law-Evasive Encryption Risks

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In the coming months, Google, and to a lesser extent, Facebook and Apple are on a collision course with American and foreign law enforcement over their pervasive, law-evasive, encryption of Internet traffic by default, which increasingly means law enforcement with...[Read more]