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WASHINGTON – has installed a ticker on its homepage at to hold Google accountable to its high-profile pledge on January 12, 2010: “We have decided we are no longer willing to continue censoring our results on…

It is now been 41 days and counting since Google made its China censorship pledge. That is significantly beyond the “few weeks” deadline Google gave the Chinese to effectively accede to Google’s demands to “operate an unfiltered search engine… in China.

When will Google live up to its word and brand commitment and stop censoring search results in China? asked Scott Cleland, Publisher of “U.S. investigators reportedly have determined that the cyber attacks on Google and others originated in China, and Google’s tactic of publicly shaming the Chinese Government into changing their censorship laws appears to have failed.” Cleland added.

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Press Release

A new web site designed to make Google more transparent and accountable launched today. is a crowd-sourcing site which will keep watch on the Web’s top watcher of everyone.

“Google is the most powerful company in the world, dominates the Web’s business model for information discovery and monetization, and watches most everything that happens on the Web,” Scott Cleland of Precursor LLC and’s publisher said. “Given all that unchecked power, Google has a dangerous dearth of transparency and accountability.” is designed to be a watchdog site focused on Google, covering subjects including: competition/antitrust, privacy, security, intellectual property, transparency, neutrality, accountability, ethics, public policy and humor. Because Google’s dominance is global, the site will feature information from countries around the world.

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