Debated free super-WiFi with Professor Crawford on NPR’s Diane Rehm Show Today — Hear podcast

Today National Public Radio’s Diane Rehm Show featured a lively and informative discussion of “The FCC’s Proposal for a Free Nationwide Wireless Network” — based on the Washington Post’s top story Monday on the topic of the FCC’s “super WiFi” plans.

    • The podcast is — here.

Diane Rehm’s guests were:

    • Professor Susan Crawford;
    • Bloomberg’s Todd Shields; and
    • Me.

I believe it was a very helpful and informative discussion because it corrected much of the confusion prompted by the Washington Post’s cryptic and inaccurate article on the FCC’s plans for “Super-WiFi.”

It also provided an excellent and appropriate forum to systematically challenge and counter Professor Crawford’s selective use of facts in her advocacy that broadband should be regulated like a public utility.

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